Stephens Associates remains client-focused and committed to excellence in the face of Covid-19

Stephens Associates Consulting Engineers, LLC (SA) has quickly adapted to the challenges and disruptions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and is prepared to continue providing seamless service to our clients while maintaining the health and safety of our employees and business partners.

To comply with federal, state, and local rules and guidelance, SA has cancelled non-essential travel, set up employees to work from home offices with full access to IT and communication resources; and maintains our geotechnical laboratory testing capabilities as well as our field services in exploration, inspection, and construction, while adhering to CDC guidelines to reduce the risk of illness spread.

SA's agile workplace culture and small team of highly qualified engineers has proven to be a key strength in our response to this adversity. We will continue to evolve to meet new challenges as they appear, to solve complex engineering problems and deliver quality to our clients.