Shepard Pond Dam | Canton, MA

SA inspected and evaluated Shepard Pond Dam, including grouting to test embankment permeability, designed repairs and a labyrinth spillway to pass the 100-year flood, and oversaw dam reconstruction. The Dam was originally constructed in 1880.

Bridge over the Androscoggin River | Bethel, ME

SA evaluated geotechnical conditions and designed pile foundations subject to destructive scour and ice forces for this 3-span bicycle, pedestrian, snowmobile and emergency vehicle bridge crossing the Androscoggin River.

J. Henry Higgins Middle School | Peabody, MA

SA provided geotechnical engineering services for design and construction of the largest middle school in Massachusetts, including exploration to define unsuitable soils, design of ground improvement by Deep Dynamic Compaction (DDC), and full-time observation of construction to mitigate unsuitable soils and monitor vibrations.

Natural Gas Metering and Regulating Station | Providence, RI

SA provided geotechnical and structural engineering services for new structures at an existing natural gas metering and regulating station in close proximity to complex infrastructure, with geotechnically challenging soils and environmental constraints.

Wiswall Dam Repair and Fish Ladder | Durham, NH

The Town of Durham engaged SA to perform Dam Engineering for evaluation and design of repairs and improvements to this 22-foot high, 380-foot long, significant hazard, concrete gravity and embankment Dam providing water supply and recreation to the Town of Durham and the University of New Hampshire. The Dam was originally constructed in 1911.

Hill Bridge Restoration, Phillips Exeter Academy | Exeter, NH

SA performed structural condition assessment, geotechnical investigation, bridge load rating, and design of repairs for the 100-year old concrete bridge spanning about 100 ft. over the Exeter River at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Loon Pond Dam | Lincoln, NH

SA inspected and evaluated Loon Pond Dam, designed reconstruction, prepared permits and oversaw reconstruction..

Livingston Street Reconstruction with Tire Shreds | Tewksbury, MA

The Town of Tewksbury, Massachusetts reconstructed an 800-foot length of Livingston Street using about 200,000 shredded scrap tires as lightweight fill - the first application of its kind in Massachusetts, and one of a handful of similar projects nationally.

Flood Damage Reduction System Rehabilitation | Canton, MA

SA assisted the Town in obtaining $1M in state-awarded funding for levee repairs, and designed and permitted repairs of USACE-constructed flood protection system. The repairs are critical to revitalize the adjacent former industrial area to allow economic development and historic preservation.

MVRTA Parking Garage | Haverhill, MA

SA performed geotechnical investigation, evaluation and design, monitored vibrations during construction, and observed driven H-pile installation for 7-story parking garage in urban environment with close proximity to existing multi-story structures.

Reservoir Pond Dam | Canton, MA

SA reviewed history of and designed repairs to Reservoir Pond Dam to mitigate seepage and pass the 500-year design flood, along with permitting, bidding and observing upcoming construction on the Town's behalf.

Geofoam Load-Balanced Embankment | Seekonk, MA

SA performed geotechnical investigation, evaluation and design and observed construction, for a load-balanced geofoam embankment to support smart tool, pipeline inspection gauge launching and receiving structures, constructed over peat with a high groundwater table.

Primary and Secondary School and Assembly Prototype Buildings | Notre Dame des Anges School, Léogâne, Ouest, Republic of Haiti

SA designed two prototype earthquake- and hurricane-resistant buildings for schools and emergency assembly in various locations across Haiti. The first construction was Notre Dame des Anges in Léogâne, Ouest, Haiti.

Water Treatment Plant, Lagoons, Pipelines and Storage Tanks | Franklin, NH

SA evaluated geotechnical conditions at a new water treatment facility downstream of Franklin Falls Dam, along with a pipeline crossing the Pemigewasset River, lagoons, and new water storage tanks.