Flood Damage Reduction System Rehabilitation

Canton, MA

SA assisted the Town of Canton in preparing a state funding application that won $1,000,000 in grant and low-interest loan for final design, permitting and reconstruction to seek recertification of the levee and reinstatement in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) PL84-99 rehabilitation assistance program.

The Neponset River Flood Reduction System (Levee) protects public and private land, utilities and infrastructure in downtown Canton from floods on the East Branch of the Neponset River. Repair of the levee is critical to protecting Priority Revitalization Area located in Canton Center Economic Opportunity District (as well as other properties) and the people who will inhabit it upon imminent redevelopment from flooding, thereby reducing risk of loss of life and property damage, protecting public safety, and fostering revitalization through investment in this vital district.

In the end, the revitalization of the area will provide economic development, housing and commercial opportunities in Canton Center, preserve historic buildings, and provide public access/open space that will benefit the Town and further enhance the adjacent downtown.

SA designed and permitted levee repairs to address deficiencies identified by SA and USACE, coordinating with the local conservation commission and USACE, including public presentations. SA coordinated with the developer responsible for constructing repairs under its agreement to the Town of Canton, in consideration of the Town’s interests in owning the system, and periodically observed repairs and consulted with the Town.

SA evaluated hydraulic capacity of the diversion channel with 50-years of shoaling in place compared to the original hydraulic design by comparison of surveyed cross-sectional area and use of HEC-RAS computer modeling. SA’s report recommended leaving shoaling in place to avoid current and future costs of dredging and disposing of potentially contaminated sediment while maintaining hydraulic capacity equal to or greater than the original design with added benefits to flora, fauna and water quality. SA is also preparing an emergency action plan and operation and maintenance plan for the levee.