Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority (MVRTA)

Senator Nicholas J. Costello Transportation Center

Amesbury, MA

Stephens Associates Consulting Engineers (SA) provided geotechnical investigation, evaluation, and design- and construction-phase engineering services for this new two-story building and canopy supported by 306 H-piles driven through peat and clay soils. During design phase, SA reviewed geotechnical data, performed a geotechnical subsurface exploration and laboratory testing program including direct simple shear tests, evaluated subsurface conditions, prepared a geotechnical report, and designed driven H-pile foundations.

During construction phase, SA reviewed contractor submittals, requests for information, vibration monitoring results and pile heave survey measurements, consulted with Architect on geotechnical issues, observed dynamic pile load tests, reviewed and interpreted test results, selected driving criteria, and observed installation of production H-piles. In a later phase of construction, SA performed a second round of subsurface explorations (test pits and borings) and evaluated subsurface conditions, including depth and extent of peat and fill for proposed retaining walls up to 6 ft. high supporting a slope up to an adjacent scrap yard.