Sound Barrier and Access Road

US Army Corps of Engineers, OU4-Raybestos Memorial Ballfield, Raymark Industries, Inc. Superfund Site

Stratford, Connecticut

Stephens Associates Consulting Engineers (SA) performed extensive geotechnical exploration and evaluation for a new 2,400 linear-foot sound barrier and 1,300 lf temporary access road.

The site was formerly used as a disposal area for industrial fill, placed to create a recreational area and ballfield, which have long since been abandoned and are overgrown with vegetation.

As part of the US EPA Superfund program, the site is intended to receive similar industrial fill from off-site properties via the proposed temporary access road, while the proposed sound barrier is intended to provide sound mitigation for the residences to the north of the site.

SA performed geotechnical lab testing on soil and rock samples, evaluated subsurface conditions varying from thin till over rock outcrops, sand and gravel deposits, to thick fill, recommended geotechnical design parameters for shallow and drilled shaft foundations and site preparation for temporary access road, evaluated potential effects to sound barrier from demolition of adjacent existing concrete retaining structures at lower elevation, and consulted on sound barrier and temporary access road location.