Orient Heights Station Accessibility Improvements

MBTA Blue Line

Boston, Massachusetts

Stephens Associates Consulting Engineers (SA) provided geotechnical evaluation and design for ADA renovations including new elevators, platforms, buildings, and pedestrian bridges over the station tracks, and other upgrades to the existing Station.

SA reviewed available geotechnical and geologic data, and planned and performed geotechnical subsurface exploration and laboratory testing programs. SA evaluated alternatives for foundation support in consideration of the loose and soft soils at the site, including re-using existing drilled shaft foundations supplemented by new deep foundations.

Our evaluation included capacity and deformation compatibility of existing foundations with options for new foundations consisting of helical piers or drilled micropiles, and the interaction between new and existing foundation elements installed in close proximity to one another. SA prepared a geotechnical data report and a geotechnical design memo summarizing the results of our evaluation. SA designed micropile foundations and prepared construction specifications.